Discover the Unknown Parts of Europe - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Group size
up to 10 tourists
US$ 431
per tourist for 5 days
Tour starts
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kupres
Date of Travel
Number of tourists
up to 10 tourists


All in all, the program is designed for tourists that want to escape the busy lifestyle of cities. For all of those who like trying new cuisine, discovering new countries together with their natural beauties and culture. 

Every day of the tour the guests will be provided with a traditional meals made from homegrown and local ingredients (breakfast, lunch and dinner). In between the meals, tours by foot or partly by car are planned. During these tours the tourists will have the opportunity to see the wonderful landscape of this plateau. This includes, vast fields, beautiful mountains, natural springs and streams, karst phenomena, medieval tombs and the wildlife. 

Lake Kukavice
This small lake is a glacial lake with clear, unpolluted water. It is rich with life (fish, crayfish, birds and thousands of insects)
Stećci - Medieval Tombs
These stones are much more than just stones. They are tombs from the medieval ages and there are still some beautiful ones with carvings and symbols
The Unexplained Karst Phenomena - Japage
This uncommon karst phenomena is truly one of the biggest gems of this region. Their beauty is unquestionable and can only be experience in person
The Stožer Mountain
Stožer is certainly the most important mountain for the city of Kupres. The mountain is rich with natural springs and it is ideal for mountaineering

Route details

Day 1
Arrival, Unpacking, Rest

The plan for the first day is based on the arrival time of the guests. If the guests arrive before 14:00 a traditional lunch and welcome drinks are in the itinerary. Afterwards a walk through the vast plains of the plateau

However, if the guests arrive in the evening then, of course, the stay will start with a traditional dinner and welcome drinks. All in all, the first day is based on the arrival on the guests and it can, of course, be adjusted to any wishes. 

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Day 2
Walk to the Lake Kukavice
Day 3
The Stožer Mountain
Day 4
Stećci - The Medieval Tombs and Japage
Day 5
"Hajdučka Vrata", Farewell
Tour provider's comments

The difficulty of the tour program can, of course, be adjusted. However, the difficulty is moderate and is suitable for pensioners and small children.

Photo Matej  K.
Matej K. is the provider and guide of this trip
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The provider speaks: English, German
Some decades ago, I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and I have spent the most of my life in living in Kupres, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am obsessed with nature, history and culture and I love to spend most of my time outdoors. Travelling is also something that I adore and I have travelled through almost every country in Europe. However, recently I came to the conclusion that I much more enjoy discovering the region where I and my ancestors come from. This part of Europe is still pretty unknown to most people, and I would like to slowly change that fact. In my opinion this region has so much to offer to anyone who would like to escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities. It is also perfect for families with small children and all of those, who would love to try traditional dishes made from homegrown vegetables, fruits and local meat. I have graduated from the hotel and tourism high school and I have a Bachelor´s degree from the University of Graz: Transcultural Communications (German, English and Croatian). Additionally, for the last eight years I have been working in gastronomy. I am happy to meet new people from all the different parts of the globe and help them to experience the preserved nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina and also the historical and extremely diverse cultural background of the country.


3 nights
3 nights
Visoravan 1200

The accommodation is exceptionally modern and perfectly suitable for families with children. There are three separate sleeping rooms, four separate bathrooms and a large living room. Guests are welcome to enjoy the fresh air on the terrace. 

Tour conditions


  • accommodation;
  • three full meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner);
  • parking;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • guided tours;
  • educational tours;
  • sightseeing.

Payable separately

  • flights;
  • tips and personal expenses.

Travel recommendations

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It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour

I recommend bringing some durable shoes and rather warm clothing because the nights in Kupres can be rather cold. 

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