Tours to Sri Lanka, a small island in the Indian Ocean, is an opportunity to enjoy a quiet measured rest on a velvet sandy beach. If such a pastime is not for you, do not rush to abandon the voyage. Sri Lanka will delight with historical sights, high waves, stunning coral reefs and underwater caves.

And also β€” it will allow you to forget about the cold harsh winter in your native lands. The fact is that the ideal period for a trip overseas is just in the cold. The best time is from December to April.

The main thing is to choose the right company that will take care of every detail of your trip. Starting from the flight and ending with free time after a busy day. Note that the flight from Moscow to Sri Lanka lasts at least 7.5 hours. From St. Petersburg - 11 hours, from Yekaterinburg β€” 10.

What kind of trips do we offer:

In "YouGo" you can buy unconventional author's tours to 25 countries. Sri Lanka is among them.

Currently, travel experts offer:

"Amazing Sri Lanka"

The duration of the tour is 12 days, 11 nights. This option is universal and will suit everyone. Families with and without children, young people, nature fans, diving enthusiasts. Everyone will find something to do for the body and delight for their soul.

The program includes jeep safaris, trips to the mountains and waterfalls, excursions to Hindu shrines. During the excursions, the guides will tell you about the sights, show interesting locations in different parts of the country. They will share interesting and funny stories from the lives of famous inhabitants of the island, tourists.

What should those who do not have such desires do? Enjoy delicious food, sunbathe on paradise beaches with snow-white sand. If desired, you can surf, swim with sea turtles.

In the 11-day yoga tour "Another World", tourists will see the iconic places of the island state and get acquainted with its traditions. They will try surfing, climb mountains, ride through the jungle. Yoga fans will be able to meditate, study/repeat asanas, pranayamas. There will be time for tasting Ceylon tea, relaxing under the shade of palm trees, contemplating the life of coral fish, observing the inhabitants of the national park.

You will not have to be bored on the journey for a minute. Travel experts have come up with unique routes, thought through organizational issues, and organized a great vacation. At the same time, we did everything so that the multi-day tour was rich, bright and easy. The way a vacation in a corner of paradise should be.

How tours are bought

Do you also want to go on a fabulous journey? You can book a tour directly on the website. It is not necessary to pay immediately. You can ask the author questions. People often ask how much do individual excursions cost? Is it possible to go somewhere on your own? What is the approximate price of equipment rental? What products, things have high/low prices? If you have received the necessary answers, you can pay for the ticket at any time.
The cost of the trip is indicated on the website.
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