Tours to Greece are a combination of all the best that a vacation can give. Centuriesβ€”old history, special architecture, beautiful beaches, exquisite gastronomy, unique nature, open local people, discos and fun - all this awaits tourists on vacation in this cheerful country.

Greece is a country where there is everything for tourists, regardless of age and preferences. Walking along winding streets in snow-white cities, relaxing by the sea, exploring the richest history with sightseeing. Almost any tourist flight leads to Athens β€” the capital of Hellas and the oldest city in the world. There is a lot to see here: numerous historical sights, museums, the famous acropolis with iconic historical monuments: you can book an excursion to your taste.

The first thing a Russian wants after a flight is to relax in a hotel. And there are a lot of them for every taste. Tourism is one of the main income items of the state. Therefore, the abundance of tours from Russia and other countries is amazing. You can book a hotel in advance by purchasing a ticket: in any city or on one of the islands. Booking is convenient and fast. And most importantly β€” you can always find offers to your taste.

Greece: beach holidays and more

This peninsula is washed by four seas at once: the Mediterranean, the Aegean, the Ionian and the Libyan. On the mainland and on the islands, you can easily combine a languid holiday on the beach with active tourism.

One of the most popular destinations for buying tours is the island of Crete. It is an ancient center of civilization and a modern tourist center. A ticket here will give you the opportunity to visit a real paradise vacation: excellent beaches, amazing beauty of nature, hiking tours in mountain hikes. With all the splendor of the island, the cost of a holiday here is quite affordable for Russians.

One of the best beaches Greece has is Lalaria on the island of Skiathos. It is worth buying a tour here already in order to visit the snow-white beaches with fine sand, adjacent to high cliffs. It is a pleasure to look at such an excellent spectacle and be in this magical place.

Navagio Beach on the island of Zakynthos, in the Ionian Sea, can be easily recognized in hundreds of excellent photos from tourists from different countries. And all because in a rocky bay on the snow-white sand, right by the blue water, a sunken ship once flaunts. If you have been looking for this place for a long time, it's time to buy a package tour to Greece, where the rest on this wonderful beach comes. The famous resort will be remembered for a long time.