We are launching Yougo, a service for finding expert-designed tours around the world. In our collection, there are trips for every taste: from active to gastronomic. They are organized by travel experts, whom we carefully check. Let's see who is going to like such type of holiday and how we monitor the quality of tours on our website.

❓ What is an expert-designed tour?

An expert-designed tour is a trip organized by an experienced guide or traveler. They will not take you to common sights but will show you the places where an ordinary tourist is unlikely to get on his own.

For example, on a tour across the USA, travelers pass through the Mojave Desert and stop at Calico Ghost Town, where silver was once mined. You could see its streets in American westerns.

A car in a forest

In expert-designed tours, everything is planned. Tourists know the route and travel features in advance. So you can choose a tour that suits all your interests. You may be keen on backpacking and camping or you may prefer comfort and staying at hotels.

The organizer of the tour is like an old buddy whom you come to visit. He will not take you to a place whose owner offers him a great booking fee. Instead, the guide will show you only the best. You will see the country through the eyes of a travel expert and learn more than just a list of the main attractions.

During the journey, you will meet new people. There will be people from different countries in the group and you will be able to get to know other cultures more closely. Travel experts gather tourists with similar interests. So you will not find yourself in a company of people with whom there is nothing to talk about.

What is the difference between an expert-designed tour and All inclusive Vacation Package?

It may seem that an expert-designed tour is more expensive than a standard all-inclusive hotel stay. But it is not. The price of the expert-designed tour includes excursions and the work of a guide. So you will get much more experience and emotions.

he difference between an expert-designed tour and All inclusive Vacation Package

? Who organizes tours?

Our organizers are travel experts, tourism workers, and experienced travelers. We verify their identity and documents using the Sumsub system. It detects fake data and forgeries in documents. Those who pass the test are invited for an interview. We add an expert to the website only if we are ready to send our loved ones on a trip with him.

Now we are collaborating with travel experts from different countries and are constantly expanding our community. Our guides have been organizing trips around the world for years and even decades. They can be locals who are in love with their culture or professional instructors who have opened the world to thousands of people. Some specialists can organize themed tours of photography, yoga, or fitness.

A group tour

You can write to a tour organizer in advance and ask any questions about the trip. If you are a travel expert and want to cooperate with us, please read the information in this article.

? Who would enjoy taking an expert-designed tour?

An expert-designed tour is suitable for those who are tired of just lying by the sea and want more activities. We understand that planning a trip on your own may be tricky. With Yougo you don't have to think of a travel itinerary or worry about accommodation, transfers and food. Everything has already been thought out by the organizers.

In our catalog, you can find 150+ tours to various destinations. We also have themed tours where everyone can find something interesting:

  • fans of diving and snorkeling can swim in the Red Sea,
  • wildlife lovers on the safari meet animals, which have previously been seen only on TV,
  • those who are always on the lookout for new tastes can enjoy gastronomic tours.

To choose your tour on the website, use the search with customizable filters. You can sort tours by cost, duration and activity type. The full collection of thematic tours can be viewed in this section.

? What is included in an expert-designed tour?

A price you see on the website is final, without additional fees and hidden charges. It includes:

  • transfers,
  • excursions,
  • food,
  • accommodation.

You need to buy air tickets by yourself. Usually, experts indicate what time is best to arrive at the airport. Health insurance is also not included.

? How do you control the quality of tours?

After each tour, we collect detailed feedback. The travelers receive an email with a link where they can share their impressions of the trip and leave wishes. We carefully read reviews, and if they are bad, we can permanently remove the organizer from the platform.

Booking the tour through Yougo was easy. The whole process is perfectly organized: from application to departure. Managers were constantly in touch and answered all questions. I went to India. There were no problems with the transfer, the hotel and food are great, and the guide is a real professional.


Thanks to our guide, we've fallen in love with this country. I have never met such professionals. This person loves his work, native land, and culture. These emotions are completely passed on to us!


The feedback is published on the page of the organizer and anyone can read it. For any problems, you can contact our support and we will do our best to resolve the situation.

✅ Why should I use the YouGo online service?

  • On our website you can communicate directly with the organizer and book a tour without intermediaries.
  • Travel experts offer the best price on the market and we do not charge additional fees.
  • You can read real reviews of people who booked a trip through our service. There are no recommendations from random people on the site.
  • We accept cards from any bank. Payments are completely safe and pass through the 3D secure system.

To see all our tours, go to the main page. The collection is constantly updated!