Mary Region Adventure

Group size
up to 50 tourists
US$ 1 290
per tourist for 7 days
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Mary Region


Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of Central Asia with our immersive tour to Turkmenistan, a country where ancient history and modern wonders converge seamlessly. 

Visit lots of cultural geritage sites and museums - Mary Regional Museum, the Margush UNESCO World Heritage Site settlements, the Ancient Merv UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Venture into the surreal landscape of the Darvaza Gas Crater, colloquially known as the Door to Hell, where flames dance perpetually in the desert night. Another natural wonder is Kow-ata, a natural lake surrounded by picturesque landscapes. Take in the serene beauty and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this hidden place.

This tour promises an unforgettable odyssey through Turkmenistan, where the past and present converge, offering a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of this Central Asian gem.

Visit the Famous Gas, Mud, and Water Craters
Witness the surreal "Door to Hell" at Darvaza
Relax Near the Kow-ata Natural Lake
Feel the peaceful ambiance of this hidden gem
Travel through the Central Asian Gem
Turkmenistan, where the past and present converge intertwise

Route details

Day 1

Travelers will be welcomed by local guides at the Alat-Farap border and escorted to the Mary region. 

After a long journey guests will have a rest at Margush 4star hotel.

Day 2
UNESCO World Heritage Site visit
Day 3
Ancient Merv monuments
Day 4
Mary - Ashgabat
Day 5
Visit the Door to Hell
Day 6
Kow-ata natural lake visit
Day 7
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1 night
5 nights
1 night
Yurt or camp

Notice: Sometimes Yurtas are not available at Darvaza gas crater due to lots of tourists, then tourists should be accommodated in Camps. 

2 nights
5 stars Hotel
3 nights
4 stars Hotel

Tour conditions


  • letter of invitation;
  • full board and accommodation;¬†
  • border fee;
  • museums, monuments entry fees;¬†¬†
  • intercity and interregional transfer.

Payable separately

  • visa fee;
  • border fee.

Travel recommendations

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Are there any discounts?

Price starts from 1290 USD per person.
In case you travel together with other people price will be as following:

  • 2 people 991.74 USD (per person)
  • 3 people 903.96 USD (per person)
  • 4 people 796.48 USD (per person)
  • 5 and more people - on request.
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