About YouGo

What is YouGo?

YouGo is a platform for searching and booking expert-designed tours.
We compile a large collection of unique trips for every taste, monitor the relevance of tours and availability of places, check all providers and ensure the security of transactions.

Traveling in expert-designed tours is:

  1. Unusual places and routes for friends, which you won't find in ordinary travel agencies.
    Take a look at the journey from a new perspective of the tour expert!
  2. A well-organized and thoughtful trip.
    You don't have to waste time planning logistics, our experienced tour experts will take care of everything for you.
  3. Traveling in the company of like-minded people.
    The proverb says that if you want to go fast, go alone, and if you want to go far, go with friends.
    Traveling and interacting with the group members in our tours, you will make new friends who are just as interested in adventures as you are!

When booking on YouGo:

  1. Communicate directly with the tour experts.
    You can contact the tour guide directly to discuss all the details of your future trip without intermediaries.
  2. Book tours safely.
    We carefully check each tour expert and collect feedback after each trip.
  3. Direct prices without hidden fees and extra payments.
    All tours on YouGo are available at the expert's direct prices.

Our goal is to inspire you to take new journeys to unknown places, making expert-designed tours more accessible.
Find a unique trip with a personal trusted guide and book a tour to anywhere in the world!

What is an expert-designed tour?

An expert-designed tour is a multi-day trip organized by a private independent guide.
Traveling in a small group of like-minded people, you will have an immersive and meaningful travel experience: each tour is unique and well-organized.
It adapts to the best season in the country and to the needs of travelers.

How can I book an expert-designed tour?

To find a tour, use the search by destinations, dates and other filters.

On the tour page, you can book a place in the tour or to begin with, ask any question to the expert. You can chat with the expert, or you can call them through our secure PBX.

To make a reservation, enter the requested data and make a prepayment. The amount of the prepayment is determined by the expert. You do not pay any commissions on YouGo — all trips are available at direct prices of the experts.

Is it safe to pay for a tour through the platform?

Payment is made on a special secure server of Stripe Payment Solution, which is one of the most popular payment systems, used by many online services worlwide. Payment is made via secure protocol on the side of Stripe Servers.

The transfer to the provider is made officially under an agreement between you and the provider on the platform, the provider undertakes to follow the terms of the agreement and provide high-quality travel organization services.

What is the confirmation of payment and booking of the tour?

All tour data is saved in your profile and also sent to your email.
Print out the following documents before departure:

  • air tickets (purchased independently);
  • confirmation letter (or data from the platform);
  • do not forget your passport and medical insurance if you are flying abroad.

Before going on a trip, make sure that you have agreed with the guide about the meeting place. That's it, congrats — you are ready for the trip!

How can I choose an expert-designed tour?

To choose the most suitable tour on the YouGo online platform, use a convenient filter. Sort the tours by cost, duration, accommodation options, etc.

After you have selected some suitable travel options, write to the tour experts and ask all your questions about organizational issues or the program.
Communicate with the guide and remember that they also choose a group with similar interests.
Feel free to share with the travel expert your expectations from the trip in order to eventually get exactly what you need.

How can I pay for the expert-designed tour?

After you have selected a tour and provided all the information about yourself and other travelers, you can proceed to booking the tour by clicking the “Book” button on the same page. We accept any bank cards.

The amount of the prepayment depends on the conditions of the tour expert. One day before the start of the trip, you need to make a payment in full (if other information is not specified). If you have any difficulties with payment, our manager will help you.

Why should I use the YouGo online service?

There are a number of reasons why you should book tours with us:

  1. more than 1,000 expert-designed tours collected on a single platform;
  2. direct communication with the tour expert, no intermediaries;
  3. when paying for the tour, there are no overpayments and hidden commissions;
  4. the tour experts offer the best price on the market;
  5. you pay for services online, the security of payments is guaranteed.

What guarantees does the platform provide?

YouGo is a unique online service for booking expert-designed tours. One of the main advantages of our platform is that we verify thoroughly the reliability and quality of the information provided.

We guarantee:

  1. All reviews belong to real travelers who used the online service and took part in the expert-designed tour.
  2. Tours from proven tour experts are posted on the platform.
  3. There are no recommendations on the site from people who have not yet gone on a trip with a guide.

How is feedback collected?

  1. Travelers give feedback: a day after the end of the tour, each participant receives an email with a link to a page where one can rate, tell us about the trip and give advice for future travelers.
  2. Then the left review is published on the page with general reviews, on the page of the expert and their tour. Each user can read the review, no changes are made to the text.
  3. Reviews are written only by real travelers who have paid and gone on a tour through the Yougo online service. Unfortunately, if the tour was booked through the expert directly, it is impossible to leave a review on the platform, since we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the review left.
  4. Only one review can be left for each trip.

How do we check tour providers?

Verification of all independent guides is carried out by means of a comprehensive assessment, according to the following criteria:

  • verification of the identity card is carried out by the partner of Digital Security Technologies LLC (sumsub.com): personal data processing operator;
  • formal screening (checking legal entities, questionnaires);
  • checking the media space (social networks, customer reviews, recommendations from partners, representation in the online space, etc.);
  • expert assessment (interview, qualification check, clarification of travel safety issues);
  • our emotional assessment (we assess tours in terms of whether we can send our relatives on such a trip).

The final decision on the admission of the tour expert to the placement of their tours on the YouGo platform is subjective. We work daily to ensure that your trip is both unforgettable and safe, so we carefully check all the providers of the tours.

After each trip, we collect feedback from the participants of the trip in order to control the quality of the providers, if we receive bad reviews, the author can be permanently removed from the platform.

What does awaiting confirmation status mean?

An independent guide gathers a small group of people who are similar in age and interests, so some tours cannot be booked immediately. If you want to book a tour and see the "awaiting confirmation" status, then you have to wait for some time, but no longer than 48 hours. During this time, the provider will have the opportunity to confirm your booking, and you will have time to make a prepayment.