Expert-designed tours

What responsibility is assigned to the tour expert?

The only organizer of the program is an independent guide or the travel expert, it is they who bear all responsibility for the format in which the tour program will be implemented.
They also provide everything that is indicated in the "Included in the price" section.
You entrust the organization of the tour to an experienced specialists, you can evaluate its quality and format by assessing the feedback left by travelers on the tour provider's page.

How much extra funds will I need for a tour?

There is no certain amount, since each person has different spending habits.
Ask this question to the guide before starting the trip.
We recommend an approximate amount of $ 40-90 per day, depending on the country of the tour — on some days you can pay for lunches, buy souvenirs for relatives, and on other days you don't spend anything at all.

Can I go on an expert-designed tour alone?

Yes, you can. During the tour you will be able to meet like-minded people among the group members, you'll have enough opportunities to communicate with them and even have a chance to become friends! Accommodation usually takes place in single rooms or double rooms with a participant of the same gender.

Do you provide assistance with air tickets?

Some guides do.
Ask your travel expert for more information.

Why should I go on an expert-designed tour?

A trip with a small group of travelers allows you to get acquainted with the sights of another country, as well as with the members of your group. Usually they get so close that they continue to travel together and become good friends. A small group allows you to save your time and money. The guide has already arranged accommodation, transport and a tour program, saving you from stressful planning. Therefore, you just need to be at the starting point of the tour and enjoy the journey, and your personal guide will take care of everything else. In addition, a well-organized expert-designed tour allows you to calculate the dates of your vacation.

Is air travel included?

You can find the answer to this question on the tour page in the “Included in the price” section.

What happens after paying for the tour?

After you have made the prepayment, a booking confirmation and detailed instructions will be sent to your email.

What if I arrive at the start of the tour a day before it begins?

You can arrive earlier than the trip starts or stay after the end of the trip for a longer period.
Just be sure to tell the travel expert about it in advance.
Perhaps your personal guide will recommend you where to stay and what places to see in the additional days.
ll you where you can stay for additional days.
Outside the tour dates, airport transfers may be free.

Is it possible to join a group of travelers a day later?

It is necessary to discuss all the nuances with your tour expert.
Be sure to notify the expert before paying the deposit for the tour.

What does the surcharge for single accommodation mean?

You should make a surcharge to the cost of the tour if you want to stay in a single room.
For many expert-designed tours, this item is not mandatory, however, there are tours in which a surcharge for single accommodation is taken.
Such information is usually indicated in the "Paid Extra" section on the tour page.

What documents do I need to book a tour?

To book a place in the group, you need to enter your full name.
After booking, the guide may request your passport details.