Kunyaurgench UNESCO World Heritage Site

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up to 30 tourists
US$ 590
per tourist for 3 days
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Dashoguz Region, kanal Shavat


Kunya-Urgench, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Turkmenistan, is a captivating destination for tourists seeking a blend of natural wonders and historical treasures. With over ten remarkable monuments, this site offers a rich tapestry of experiences.


Darvaza Gas, Mud, Water Craters: Witness the surreal "Door to Hell" at Darvaza, where natural gas has ignited a perpetual flame. 

Seyitjemaletdin Mosque: Marvel at the Seyitjemaletdin Mosque, a stunning 14th-century architectural gem adorned with intricate tile work, calligraphy, and a majestic minaret.

Old Nissa World Heritage Site: Step back in time as you explore the ancient Parthian city of Nissa. 

Turkmen National Museum: Immerse yourself in Turkmenistan's rich culture and history. 

Kunya-Urgench's diverse attractions, including mausoleums, fortresses, and tombs, allow you to delve deep into the region's history and experience a harmonious blend of natural wonders and cultural heritage.

Visit the Famous Gas, Mud, and Water Craters
Witness the surreal "Door to Hell" at Darvaza

Route details

Day 1
Arrival. UNESCO Site Visit

Entering from Shavat border point. From there tourists will go to Kunyaurgench UNESCO World Heritage Site monuments. There are more than 10 historic buildings. 

A picnic-style lunch will be served there. 

After lunch guests directly go to the Darvaza gas, mud and water craters with 4x4 off-road vehicles. 

At night tourists stay there in the Yurtas or camp and have dinner with BBQ in the open-air.

Day 2
Ashgabat Visit
Day 3
Turkmen National Museum Visit. Departure
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1 night
1 night
1 night
Yurta or camp
1 night
5 stars Sport Hotel

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  • travel insurance;
  • breakfast and accommodation (with wi-fi);
  • museum, monuments, activities entry fees;
  • intercity and interregional transfer.

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  • visa fee;
  • restaurant meals.

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