A tour to Kazakhstan is an opportunity to plunge into the authentic life of the Central Asian people, visit the young but urban capital β€” Nursultan, enjoy the unique nature. In the vast expanses of Kazakhstan, the steppes are replaced by high mountains with picturesque waterfalls, rivers and lakes.

Tourism is well developed in Kazakhstan: sightseeing tours are available in many cities. For example, Turkestan is a city that has preserved centuriesβ€”old traditions, where you can visit objects of ancient architecture and mosques, where Muslim believers of the country make a pilgrimage.

Those who are interested in modern Kazakhstan should visit the capital β€” the city of Nur-Sultan. Here ultramodern architecture is combined with the grandeur of Muslim mosques, you can buy an excursion bus tour of the city. The Palace of Peace and Harmony, built by Norman Foster according to the law of the golden section, deserves special attention.

In any city of the country, it is worth trying the local cuisine β€” hearty and delicious. National cafes and restaurants can offer a variety of Kazakh dishes.

Recreation in the foothills of Kazakhstan

If you want to see all the charms and contrasts of Kazakhstan's nature, buy tours to Almaty and its surroundings. This city, once the capital of the country, is located in the foothills. In the city itself, you can see a lot of things, take a walk around the city, be sure to visit Republic Square with a unique monument β€” a stele with a winged snow leopard on the very top. On his back stands a Golden Warrior. And from the Palace of the Republic there is a cable car to the Kok-Tobe Mountain, from where there are excellent views of the city. There is also an alley with souvenirs and handicrafts β€” their cost is symbolic, and you will have something to bring with you.Β 

Very interesting author's excursions on off-road vehicles at pleasant prices are organized from Almaty. The directions are very different, which is due to the proximity of the city to the Tien Shan Mountains. Here, for example, at an altitude of 1691 m. the famous Medeo resort complex is located. It is famous for the world's largest ice rink with an area of 10,500 sq. m. and its unique ice. The ski resort of Cimbulak is located nearby.

The beauty of the country's natural resources in these places is indescribable. Rocky mountains, rivers and waterfalls, alpine lakes. And most importantly, the cost of such tours is more than acceptable. For the price, a trip to this country is inexpensive. And it gives no less impressions than more familiar routes. Here every tourist will find something interesting for himself.