Norway is a beautiful country where tourism is excellently developed. Magnificent natural landscapes, amazing fjords, the Northern Lights and much more attract travelers of all ages from different parts of the world. And those who cannot afford to buy an expensive tour can visit a free tourist camp. There is no need to think about how much such a trip costs β€” just enjoy everything that surrounds you!

Almost any trip starts in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Cultural life is flourishing here, a very progressive society. Relaxing at the hotel is combined with visiting trendy museums and interesting sights. In the vicinity of the capital, you can combine recreation in an urban hotel with active entertainment β€” cycling, tourist trips to the islands. Not far from Oslo is Hadeland β€” the Norwegian art center, the building of which is amazing by its very appearance.

Popular tours to Norway: what to see?

Those who dream of seeing the northern lights should go to the city of Tromso, which is considered the capital of the Arctic. In addition to the incredibly exciting spectacle of the night lights, you can go skiing, go on a walking mini tour, visit nearby cities.

Amazingly beautiful views of the mountains, grown in the middle of the water surface, open in Lofoten, Nordland and Westerolen. Here you can also see the famous Norwegian fjords, admire the Northern lights and visit fishing villages. Hiking tours in the surrounding area can be arranged from here.

Tours to the country's second largest city, Bergen, are popular. Here, social life, trendy restaurants, progressive musical events are combined with the opportunity to walk along the winding cobblestone streets, explore historical heritage sites. From here you can visit some of the most famous fjords in Norway, including Sognefjord, Hardanger Fjord.

The abundance of tours from Russia allows you to visit the most iconic places of the country: there is a direct flight to Oslo from Moscow or St. Petersburg. The cost of travel varies, but it is quite possible to find tours at a price of up to 60,000 rubles.