Discover the gates of the Balkans and touch the time with your hand! Have you wanted to visit a new country for a long time and not ruin your family budget? Yes, so that there are mountains, historical sights, and a rich cultural heritage? Well, then tours to Serbia are the best option for you and your family. It has all of the above, and the prices are extremely reasonable!

Belgrade, Kopaonik, the fortress near the Iron Gates in the Jerdap National Park, the amazing confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers – all these are more than exhaustive arguments to buy a tour to this exotic corner of southeastern Europe in its own way. And no one will offer you a more attractive cost of travel!

The museum of Nikola Tesla, Emir Kusturica, a trip on a vintage train to a village unknown to any map of the world – Serbia will amaze the imagination of even a seasoned connoisseur of antiquity.

The mystical halo of the Devil's City on Mount Radan will make your heart beat slower. This sea of stalagmites in the virgin forests of Toplitsa has never left anyone indifferent.

And this is only part of the must-visit places in Serbia, because there are hundreds of them in this wonderful country! Everyone should go here for a vacation at least once in their life.

6 reasons to visit Serbia

  1. A veil of mystery over a country that is not too popular, but quite charming for any traveler. Original and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed;
  2. Rest for every taste. Climbing mountain peaks and skiing, relaxing in the most beautiful national parks, visiting historical and cultural places. Stunning SPA resorts and multi-star hotels. You are welcome. Do you want the sea? Montenegro is nearby, and a rare tour to the Balkans does not include trips to both countries;
  3. Reasonable price. How much does a tour to Serbia cost? Due to the absence of a tourist HYPE around this country, the final cost of the trip will delight you and your wallet unspeakably. Which is unlikely to be empty even after visiting local luxury establishments;
  4. The amazing purity of the air, which will be appreciated by residents of all major cities of other countries;
  5. Russia and Serbia have excellent relations, and the friendly attitude of local residents to tourists in general guarantees the absence of excesses when immersed in another cultural environment;
  6. An easy flight and the beginning of a full rest within a few hours after the start of the trip.

In 2024 year, it is not easy to buy a ticket to any Serbian resort from Russia, but very easy. Give preference only to trusted authors!