Tours to Thailand are the most popular destination for tourist trips to Southeast Asia. In this amazing country you will find all the holiday options. Lovers of an active lifestyle Thai resorts will offer surfing, diving, canoeing. For those who prefer to search for stormy night adventures, the kingdom will provide numerous restaurants, clubs, karaoke bars. Newlyweds and supporters of a relaxing holiday should buy a ticket to popular spa hotels. Romantics who dream of secluded beaches far from civilization will also be delighted, because there are also plenty of them here. Thailand is exceptionally rich in cultural monuments, religious buildings. This will be appreciated by those who like to broaden their horizons during their holidays, come to a foreign country to search for new knowledge. Palaces and temples of the country make an indelible impression β€” true masterpieces of original architecture.

For tours in the kingdom, you can choose both the prestigious resorts of Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and dozens of small islands that nature seems to have specially created for a secluded holiday. It is noteworthy that a trip to the country does not require a visa: Russian citizens have the right to freely visit the kingdom for tourist purposes for up to 30 days. The duration of most tours does not exceed 20 days, this time should be used as productively as possible for recreation. The flight from Moscow to Bangkok lasts 9 hours, while Moscow time is 4 hours ahead of Thai time.

What to combine tours to Thailand with

A tour to the land of a thousand smiles can be timed to coincide with national holidays or significant dates in the kingdom:

  • In mid-February, the state widely celebrates the Chinese New Year, tours to Thailand during this period will help to feel the joyful atmosphere.
  • On the first Friday of February, a flower festival is held in Chiang Mai.
  • You can buy a ticket to celebrate the Thai New Year, at this time in April, locals traditionally pour water on each other, and a walk down the street can turn into a real bathing for a tourist.Β 
  • If you are planning a tour in the fall, keep in mind that on the November full moon in Thailand, palm leaf boats and paper lanterns are launched en masse.
  • The flight Russia-Thailand can be timed to December 5. On this day, the country celebrates the birthday of the king: parades and carnival processions take place on city streets.

Thai resorts receive tourists all year round, but the peak season in the kingdom lasts from November to March. This is the perfect time to fly to the country: you can enjoy the most comfortable weather, the absence of showers and storms. Keep in mind that the maximum influx of tourists happens in December-February, so it is better to search for a suitable ticket in advance.

At least once having made a tour to this exotic country, the true pearl of Southeast Asia, you will want to come back here again and again. After all, this is a unique opportunity to plunge into a bright and hospitable world where there is no place for everyday fuss.