Tours to Ukraine are a unique opportunity to get to know the country, which can be called the cradle of Slavic statehood. This is a fascinating destination for tourists, where ancient history and modernity are closely intertwined. Russia and Ukraine have similar languages and mentality, so a trip to a neighboring country will be more comfortable for Russians, especially since the traveler does not need to worry about getting a visa.

Tours to Ukraine: main directions

Ukraine has a rich tourism potential. Recreation here can be very diverse:

  • Sightseeing tours to Ukraine. There are many unique cultural and historical monuments in the country. The ancient cities of Kiev, Odessa, Lviv have long been associated with unique sights among the inhabitants of Russia. For example, the "Mother of Russian Cities" is so popular with guests that in some tours the study of the capital city alone takes more than a week. Part of the trip to Kiev can be a fascinating journey through Gogol's places: Poltava, Dikanka, Sorochynets, Mirgorod. Odessa, with its famous Potemkin Stairs and the National Academic Theater, is also unique in terms of sightseeing. And fans of cathedral and castle architecture will be delighted with a trip to the Carpathians β€” the region is rich in ancient majestic buildings.
  • Wellness trips. The former "All-Union Health Resort" is still such for Russia today, being known for its healing resorts. It is worth buying a ticket to the country to feel the effect of mineral springs and therapeutic mud, which facilitate the course of many diseases. There are various health resorts in all parts of Ukraine, and the Carpathians are the richest region in this regard.Β 
  • Ski tourism. In winter, the same Carpathians attract fans of outdoor activities very much. Mild winter, developed infrastructure add attractiveness to such sports tours. It is noteworthy that the Carpathian Bukovel was included in the list of popular European ski resorts.
  • Beach holidays and contemplation of the beauties of nature. Ukraine is also a wonderful seaside resorts, because its shores are washed by the Black and Azov Seas. The country has unique botanical gardens, nature reserves, and simply stunning corners of untouched nature.

A trip to Ukraine will be an invaluable gift for a tourist, full of amazing discoveries, incredible impressions, vivid emotions. And a wide selection of tours will help everyone to choose an option to their liking.